RedBull Xalps 2015 : not this time!

Widget_Xalps_1   The dream of many paragliding pilots who have wriggling shoes and a thirst for long flights and adventure … There are certainly many different ways of doing the integral crossing of the Alpine arc … it could be done through a classical vol-bivouac, in total autonomy or rather in an easy-going way … I have put in my head, for a year now, the strong conviction of trying my selection for the RedBull Xalps 2015. Crossing from Salzbourg to Monaco is anyway a great challenge. Doing it during the Xalps represents for me the optimization pushed to the extreme : making the best tactical choices possible with what is offered by an almost infinite playing field and what is imposed by the meteorology … The ensemble is possible thanks to a team of assistants essential to the planning and progress of such a project with a pace fairly … sustained ! I already have a little idea about my two assistants in order to put together mine/ours portfolio. Two great friends will be part of this team, perfectly complementary for such a project and, above all, about whom I will never be short on eulogies ! But well, until now, for the Xalps, there were only three places per country available. In 2013, two French stars have even had the great idea of arriving in second and third positions… which should make them easily eligible again ! The remaining places (several ?) are thus very coveted and in France we are not short on good candidates (moreover these are the p’tiots friends, damn it !) : there are plenty at the gate !!! The portfolios are to be delivered by the end of the summer : the answer, this autumn …   Just clicked : let’s go for training !!! The long wait has only just begun. Until the selection committee deliberates, suspense …The answer early October here:   Application Red Bull X-Alps 2015Finaly, I won’t compete on the RedBull Xalps in 2015, the selection commity as decided otherwise. Good luck to the four happy selected french guys : Gaspard Petiot, Antoine Girard, Clément Latour and Nelson DeFreyman who will certainly do nice races!

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