Sébastien Blein, I’m 27 years old and I started flying 9 years ago. It seems to me that I ended up doing paragliding coming from the mountain. Anyway, today, it is for me the ultimate and singular way of completing the more general and fascinating challenge of “discovering our environment”. We have the chance of progressing in an environment (the air) that is not our own, which makes the activity even more fantastic. When flying cross country (but also true for any other type of flight), we inevitably switch from contemplation to action and very often we do both at the same time and that is what makes the activity so stimulating. Finally, the passing of a mountain pass, the flight over a glacier, the encounter in a thermal with a bird of prey or a friend, the crossing of a valley or even the reach of a particular summit like a catapult … all this rewards leave us in awe and are very often the result of successive actions (and, of course, sometimes of “misunderstandings”!)

A cross country flight has always an end, as long as it can last and also as good as the pilot can be (I am obviously not talking about myself !). Therefore, once landed, if the backpack is not too heavy to slip inside a sleeping bag and a sandwich and the shoes haven’t got too many holes, we can freely continue the path, searching for new take-off spots for the next day, which offers infinite perspectives…

Voir la liste des résultats…

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  1. Super Seb! Ce site est à la hauteur de ton envol dans la vie et de tes vols dans les airs sans oublier la bonne terre sur laquelle on marche!!! L’homme qui marche de Giacometti est une sculpture extraordinaire! Je ne sais s’il y a des sculptures connues de L’homme qui vole il fait regarder….

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